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Failed Smog Test? Check engine light on? (P0420 / P0430)? If the answer is “Yes”. Then your catalytic converter(s) may be bad.

You have a problem and We Are the Solution. In most cases we can install a California Approved Aftermarket Catalytic Converter. A great alternative compared to overpriced “Dealer” parts.

We specialize in Catalytic Converter repairs and can have you back on the road in a few hours, not days. 

If your tired of overpaying for vehicle repairs. Come see why hundreds of customers like you are choosing us over Dealerships.



  • Is the catalytic converter California approved?

    Yes, all aftermarket catalytic converter we quote are legal in the state of California and we check and double check to make sure we install a vehicle specific catalytic converter on your vehicle as required by the state of California.

  • Loss in performance?

    If you start to experience a loss in your engine performance, it can mean that your catalytic converter may be clogged. A catalytic converter that is clogged will create a increase in exhaust pressure. That pressure can lead to more damage to your exhaust system and engine. Which will lead to a loss in power especially when accelerating. At this point you should not drive your vehicle to avoid further possible damage, and have your catalytic converter inspected or replaced.

  • Rattling sound in exhaust?

    Some catalytic converters break apart when they go bad. If this is the case, you will hear a rattling sound coming from your exhaust. This means trouble and should be replaced immediately to hopefully prevent broken pieces damaging other parts of your exhaust system.

  • Do I need a dealer part?

    It depends, some vehicles have aftermarket parts that are available in the state of California. Others may be too new of a vehicle and only have a dealer option for a replacement part. We try and find you the best possible options to save you money, which means we always check first to see if an aftermarket part is available.

  • What can go wrong if I don’t replace my bad catalytic converter?

    This can cost you gas mileage and can seriously damage your vehicles performance. Depending on how server the damage is, you can notice built up exhaust pressure. In some cases when a catalytic converter is breaking apart, some of the broken piece can get stuck in other parts of the exhaust like the resonator or muffler or worse the secondary catalytic converter. This can lead to some costly added repairs.

  • What caused my catalytic converter to go bad?

    There can be a number of things that cause a catalytic converter to go bad. The most common reason is lack of engine service, specifically a tune up. If you have not done a tune up in a while we recommend to do so before installing a new catalytic converter or shortly right after. This will help your engine run better and will help incase of any warranty issues. Ask us for a quote! Bundle the services and save money.


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