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Crownd Auto specializes in high performance muffler installation for Sierra Madre. We carry all major brands (including Flowmaster Performance Exhaust Systems and Mufflers, Magnaflow Performance Mufflers, Carven Exhaust Performance Mufflers, Borla Performance Mufflers, Jones Exhaust Systems, and more). More importantly we allow for you to sound test individual mufflers to find that perfect sound. Our expert techs are up-to-date with the latest industry products, trends, and will suggest a selection of mufflers to complement your specific vehicle (muscle car, import tuner, truck, etc). We specialize in aftermarket mufflers which allows for expert installation at a low price. Most repairs can be done in under an hour. We also repair stock and aftermarket mufflers What are you waiting for Sierra Madre get your free quote today! (626) 665-0974

Some Of The Performance Muffler Brands We Carry!

Sierra Madre drivers our muffler shop is located on historic Route 66 in Glendora, CA. You are just a stone throw away from performance sound and operation. Our Sierra Madre performance muffler shop carries cat back exhaust, full exhaust, custom exhaust, and axle back. We also offer other great options including exhaust pipes and tips to get that perfect loud aggressive sound. Get your exhaust and muffler done right the first time and come by Crownd Automotive your #1 Sierra Madre high performance muffler shop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know my muffler is bad?

    There are several signs of a bad muffler: 1) Your car may backfire due to corrosion. 2) Your car may delay when trying to accelerate while driving. 3) Your vehicle may not pass smog or release an abnormal amount of smoke. 4) People hear a rattling sound from underneath your vehicle.

  • Why should I upgrade my exhaust, muffler, or tip?

    It comes to preference when selecting the right exhaust system for your vehicle. Some people want a louder “Throatier” sound while others want a better look and of course performance. We are able to sample the sound your car will make prior to your purchase and installation.

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